Turning parts from 1 bis 32 mm, up to 1 m length,
       CNC long turning machines
  Turning parts from bar stock, 4 till 80 mm, state of the
       art CNC long turning machines
  Chuck turned parts up to 260 mm
  Diamant turning of non ferrous metal
  Hard turning up to 200 mm
  Vertical turning max. 200 mm

  CNC machining centres up to 5 axis
       (X= 1600 mm, Y= 500 mm, Z= 450 mm)

  Between center grinding, center height 175 mm,
       grinding length 500 mm, max. length of part 1000 mm
  Centerless conventional and CNC machines, 0.5 mm up to
        80 mm, in plunging or through feed process
  Internal cylindrical grinding, 1.5 till 50 mm, grinding length 80 mm

  Module 0.4 up to 2.5
  Spur gears
  Helical gears
  Spherical gears
  Worm gears
  Sprocket wheels and timing belt pulleys
  Customized Serrations and special gears

  Worm profiles, module up to 2, 25
  Standard metric threads up to M30
  Metric fine threads up to M50x3
  ACME shafts, max. pitch 4 mm
  Serrations, max. flank pitch 2 mm
  Burnishing, Knurls, Grooves
  Gears and profiled bores, horizontal and vertical
  Bores from 0.8 till 50 mm

  Gears and profiled bores, horizontal and vertical


  Rotatory parts polished by rotary transfer machines
  Cubic parts, manual polishing units
  Vibro - grinding and finishing